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This is the FAQ for our card terrain. For our Downloadable Content FAQ go here.

1. What is Battle Systems™?
Battle Systems™ offers realistic sci-fi & fantasy terrain for table top gaming. It is a modular pod system that can combine to create the detailed interior of a space station, command centre, battleship cruiser or any other epic sci-fi interior. It can be used with a wide variety of role-playing miniature figure and gaming systems.

2. What scale is the system compatible with?
The system works within the 28 - 34mm miniature figure scale. This is the most popular scale for sci-fi miniature figures.

3. How do I get your products?
You can purchase them from our online webstore at Shop.Battle Systems. Payment is by PayPal or Credit/Debit card. All payments are made through PayPal so you can be assured your details are handled securely. You do not need a PayPal account to make card payments.

4. Will I be able to build this without previous model making experience?
Of course! You just pop the parts out from the flatpack sheets and put them together with no gluing and very little cutting required. We have provided full tutorial videos showing how to assemble each of our products.

5. How long will it take me to build a full set?
A multi-level Stronghold set will take about 1-2 hours to assemble the first time then from 30 minutes to an hour after. Once each part is assembled you need only store them for later use. Smaller sets can be built in about 10-20 minutes.

6. What's the best way to store these?
We keep ours in plastic storage boxes that measure L 35cm x W 21cm x H 14cm which fits up to 52 assembled Walls, Doors and Hangers and are available in any good stationary shop for about £8 (large) and £4 (small). The small ones are 7cm high and are great for assembled room items and clips.

7. How long will these models last once built?
If stored well in a sturdy container and away from damp and extreme temperatures they will last for years. The models are designed to be stacked and can be housed in plastic storage boxes.

8. I canít view the Tutorial videos.
All of our videos are hosted on YouTube so either your internet connection is down or you need certain plugins to view them. You may need to visit the YouTube website and find out what updates you will need.

9. Can I return your products for a refund?
We will only accept returns if they are unopened and in new condition. The customer must pay the return postage. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase(s) please contact us at

10. What's the difference between this and your DLC terrain?
The card terrain is much faster to build and aimed at gamers. The DLC terrain is more detailed and aimed at hobbyists who enjoy making terrain.

11. Are your products available anywhere else?
Currently our products are only available from Shop.Battle Systems but we are looking to provide retail sets for sale in game stores.

12. The items I want are not available from your webshop.
Most of the Sci-fi add-ons have now sold out but we will be doing a new print run in Summer 2016. If you want to be kept informed then email us at with the heading 'News' and will will add you to our mailing list.

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