Battle Systems - Tabletop Wargame Scenery

How it WorksDLC

So what is it?
Battle Systems™ DLC range is a unique sci-fi and fantasy system designed to create detailed terrain that can be used with a wide variety of role-playing tabletop game systems. You print the highly detailed sheets and construct the components yourself.

Tutorial videos
The tutorials will show you what tools and materials you will need and how to cut and assemble your pods. The videos start with the basic wall pods and then build to the more advanced components giving you guidance on model making and tips on how to get the best out of your purchases.

What will I need?
You may already have some of the tools at home. You will need:
  • Photo quality printer
  • A4 270gsm glossy photo paper*
  • A4 label paper*
  • Mount board†
  • Scalpel and spare blades
  • Cutting mat
  • Glue
  • Metal ruler
* Standard US letter will work fine.

† Mount board is a highly compressed, sturdy form of card, not to be confused with foam board. There is a similar material called Matte board in the USA.

Our tutorials will show you how to construct each component.
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Play as you go
Battle Systems™ is modular so you can start using what you have made straight away, even before you have constructed a whole set. For example, a small number of pods can be used for a single command room and corridor. Or, if you're prolific you can make super sets or combine yours with your friends and create the different levels of a battle station.

Room packs
Room packs add further detail and game play options to your tabletop game; a console deck or command battle table can be used for cover or chairs can be used as projectiles. The room packs give a greater sense of realism to the game, are highly detailed and designed to blend seamlessly with the Foundation set and other room packs.

Download the Battle Systems Guidelines for more details on how to construct the sets. For any other queries please check our FAQ page.