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Digital downloads return policy
Due to the nature of our product being ‘virtual goods’ you are not able to make returns. This is because you will have the ability to back up any downloaded media. For this reason all transactions are final. We regret that no returns will be accepted and no refunds will be given. We understand that from time to time things go wrong. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase(s) please contact us at to explain your situation and we will endeavour to work with you to help solve the problem.

In the event of any chargebacks being made against any digital media downloaded, Battle Systems™ will dispute this by providing the payment processor with a copy of the agreed ‘Terms & Conditions of Purchase’.

Digital Products
By accepting these terms and conditions of purchase you are agreeing that you are aware that you are purchasing a digital product. This product is delivered by direct download after purchase. You will be provided with a link from which you may download your product a maximum of five times. Once purchased no refunds will be given.
You also agree that you are aware that this media needs to be printed, and self assembled as described on our website in our product descriptions and on our video tutorials.
You agree that you are not permitted to and will not copy, sell or re-sell (either in original or altered formats), publish, distribute, reproduce, share, any full or part of any of the downloaded media. You will not create and distribute works or products based on or copied from our digital downloads or any part of our website.

Computer Hardware
We want you to enjoy our products when downloaded and we provide them in the most common file format, PDF, which can be read by Adobe Reader. The files are zipped and need to be opened with freely available software such as WinZip for Windows or Zipeg for Mac.
We regret that we cannot offer refunds or be held responsible for computer compatibility problems with the format that we provide the files in. You must make sure that you have the necessary hardware and software prior to you purchasing our products. This includes (but is not limited to) operating systems, file reading software, printers, and similar.

Privacy Policy & Data Protection
Here at Battle Systems™ we take your privacy and personal information very seriously. We do not divulge, pass on, sell, rent or use your data other than to process and keep records of your purchases for customer service and for your own download access. We do not receive or have access to your secure payment details; these are handled securely by PayPal. We will follow all data protection laws to keep your personal details safe and secure and once completed all unnecessary details are deleted.
We may from time to time send you news of our new products or similar. If you do not want to receive these details, just let us know.

Third Party Websites
As part of our continued service to you we have provided links on our website for third party companies that provide products that we have used to help construct our products. These are provided to help you find what you will need in relation to our products. We are not associated, affiliated or otherwise linked with these companies or websites and Battle Systems™ and its owners will not be responsible for your dealings with these third party companies and websites. Other producers of similar products are available.

Trademarks & Copyrights
All trademarks and copyrights are the property of Battle Systems™ unless otherwise stated. Miniature figures displayed on this website or any of Battle Systems™ promotional materials are for illustrative purposes only. All Star Wars miniatures are the property of Lucas Film Ltd and its licensed companies. All Games Workshop miniatures are the property of Games Workshop. We do not recommend these miniatures and other miniatures from other companies are available. If you wish to use any of our content from our website for promotional materials, newsletter, editorials such as (but not limited to) our logo or photos and videos, you must obtain written permission from us in advance.

Changes to these terms & conditions
From time to time we can change our terms and conditions and by accessing our website for new purchases you are accepting these updated terms. We advice that you always read our terms and conditions with each purchase you make with us.

Battle Systems™
Battle Systems™ is a company set up by enthusiastic tabletop gamers. We value your custom and your views. If you have any questions relating to anything we do please go to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page of our website. If you cannot find the answer to your questions there please get in touch via the Contact Us page. We are always interested and happy to hear your views and will try and respond in as short a time as possible.

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