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Should I start with Core Space or Core Space: First Born?

26th September 2023

Should I start with Core Space or Core Space: First Born?

Which of our sci-fi miniature games should you get? Core Space or Core Space: First Born?

Obviously, the answer is both! But we’ll admit that everyone has to start somewhere, so in the guide we’ll help you to find the best starting point for you.

Both games share the same DNA, so whichever game you choose you’ll be getting an experience set in our immersive modular terrain that sits in the sweet spot between an RPG, a dungeon crawl board game, and a skirmish game. This means that you get the narrative fun and levelling of an rpg, but in a streamlined package that can be run without a Games Master*, and either with friends, or solo.

* Although adding a GM can also be fun alternative.

New to Core Space?

We’ve created a guide for new players to help you to thrive in a hostile galaxy.

So, which starter set is best for you?

Why you should start with Core Space: First Born


Explorers stumbled across the temples of a long-forgotten race scattered amongst the asteroids of the First Born system. The advanced technology and minerals they contained were irresistible to traders and prospectors who flocked to unlock their mysteries.

Unfortunately for them, the First Born were merely slumbering within – and furious to find intruders desecrating their temples.

The action of Core Space: First Born is set within these temples as your small team of Traders seeks their fortune, despite the constant attacks of the vindictive First Born –  and ravenous Rock Worms.

Choose Core Space: First Born if you are looking for:

A self-contained setting

The First Born campaign is set within the asteroids of the same system, making it a great starting point for your first steps into the Core Space setting.

To explore ancient catacombs

The First Born starter set comes with the full Alien Catacombs terrain set, including a detailed, high quality neoprene play mat.

An experience tuned for a single crew

First Born’s campaign is balanced around a crew of up to four Traders, which makes it ideal for solo play, or for cooperative games where each player controls one or two Traders.

Sneaking around

First Born introduced a stealth element to the game, buying your crew time to explore before unleashing a furious response from the locals.

Fearsome Foes

Core Space’s Purge are no joke, but most First Born roll the Knowledge Die in addition to dealing damage, which adds an extra level of challenge to encounters. This can cause effects like your Traders fleeing in terror, or being flung out of position when you weren’t expecting it – meaning that you have to keep your wits about you.

Giant hungry space worms

Two of them in fact. These fearsome beasts have a habit of popping up when you least expect them and devouring friends or foe!

Advanced gear

The First Born have technology in advance of the other species of the Core Space galaxy – yours for the taking if you can get it off them. Raiding their temples gives you access to equipment you can’t buy, and which can be incredibly useful in any game of Core Space.


The asteroids of the First Born System are a source of novel minerals that can be mined, then combined with existing technology to make it even more potent. For example, Accelerant ammo can be crafted from minerals you mine, to give your ranged attacks an extra kick. You can even add Prospectors with the In the Line of Fire expansion, to take mining to another level – either as NPCs or as part of your crew.

Trading Post 5

The Trading Post 5 expansion adds fantastic new terrain, a varied cast of new characters – including a sentient lettuce, an elite Galactic Corps agent, an adorable dog-monkey that you can adopt – and a mini-campaign to use them all in.

Even more formidable First Born

The Gates of Rysa and Fury of the Insane God expansions see your crew facing off against terrifying new foes, including the vicious Cerberosa, the imposing Insane God, and jumping through portals into mysterious new locations.

A game that is fully compatible with Core Space

Although it’s a standalone game, First Born is compatible with the rest of Core Space. Why not take your new advanced alien gear to get an edge in the fight against the Purge?

Why you should start with Core Space


The semi-robotic Purge came from nowhere and are now rampaging across the galaxy, burning entire worlds. Order is breaking down, leading to a crackdown by the Galactic Corps and other law enforcement in some places. Elsewhere, panic is leading to lawlessness that is being fully exploited by criminal gangs and groups of scavengers. Watching it all are greedy corporations looking for an angle to make even more cash.

Civilisation is beginning to crumble and your crew of Traders will need their wits about them if they are going to survive. With skill, and a little luck, they might even stop the place falling apart.

Choose Core Space if you are looking for:

A competitive / cooperative experience

Core Space comes with two crews and the campaign is designed for two crews. This means that it is ideal if you have two players running a crew each, letting them fight over scarce resources or settle their differences when the going gets rough.

To take the fight to the Purge

Fight off seemingly the seemingly endless tide of the simple Harvesters, protect your Captains from the single-minded Assassins, and defend against the firepower of Devastators. You’ll also need to be on guard against the devious Live Ones who could already be walking amongst you.

To add Civilians to your games more often

The core set comes with Civilians that you can save, fight, and trade with. Some will also seek to join your crew – or turn out to be a Live One in disguise. Pick up expansions to add Workers putting in a shift with one of the corporates, scavengers looking for loot, and media teams seeking a story.

The cyberpunk aesthetic

The Core Space Starter Set comes with a full set of our Cyberpunk Terrain, including the detailed neoprene playmat.

Different flavours of game

Expansions let you switch out the Purge for other foes: take on criminal gangs that are thriving in the chaos, bring down corrupt corporations, or tangle with the law and fight against the Galactic Corps.

To explore the galaxy

From bustling frontier worlds to abandoned starships, remote outposts, and research bases you can play your games of Core Space in a host of different settings. You can also add our sci-fi terrain sets to make your missions even more varied.

A game that is fully compatible with Core Space: First Born

The Core Space: First Born starter set is also compatible with the rest of Core Space. Perhaps your existing crew of Traders are looking for a change of scenery, or want to tool up with some exotic gear from the First Born system to help them to complete a tricky mission or to take down those fearsome Purge Annihilators?

Maladum characters fight enemies in a dungeon

Why you should start with Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron

Hold on, that wasn’t on the list

Maladum isn’t available to buy just yet, but watch this space for the release if you are looking for a fantasy game with the DNA of Core Space. Maladum swaps spaceships for dungeons, blasters for bows and magic, and is optimised for closer combats against a host of reimagined fantasy foes. Find out more about Maladum here.