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Grassy Fields 6×4 Gaming Table


This box contains six gaming mats, each measuring 2′ x 2′ / 60cm x 60cm.

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3 Grassy Fields Gaming Mat 2x2 v.1
3 Grassy Fields Gaming Mat 2x2 v.2

Product Overview

Rolling green fields and open plains as far as the eye can see – these have been the location of countless conflicts, from massed pitched battles to small-scale skirmishes. Some forces have used rocky outcrops and scattered forests for a tactical advantage; others have built towns and cities on the site of their victories!

This box contains six gaming mats, each measuring 2′ x 2′ / 60cm x 60cm. They are printed in high quality on fabric with a 1mm neoprene backing. There are two different variants, three of each, depicting a grassy field. The mats can be combined to make a battlefield measuring up to 6′ x 4′ / 180cm x 120cm.The mats can be rolled or folded for easy storage.

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I purchased this product before I had a account. Battlesystems produces very high quality mats made of neoprene (mousepad material) with very good resolution art. I highly suggest these mats, even if you don't play Core Space as they are perfect for large scale wargames like WH40k, matching a regulation 6x4 table, or smaller set ups like D&D, Core Space, or kill team. Mats can be folded up and creases don't damage the mats or remain although I suggest rolling them instead. Regardless of what games you play or what type of terrain you prefer, these mats will work well with and I highly recommend them. Plus you can roll them up and slap your friends with them.

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