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24 hours to go and there’s fighting in the streets!

17th October 2015

As of writing we’re fast approaching the last 24 hours of our Urban Apocalypse Kickstarter!

Since the last blog we’ve added the Sci-fi Turbine, retrofitted for a new era 🙂


NEW! But also old, er, you know what I mean…

We’ve also mixed up the City Blocks and Shanty Towns to make a City in it’s first throes of decay. Check out the video:

We’re just about the unlock the Shanty Town add-ons, two smaller building packs for those that want to experiment but don’t want to go full-on Shanty!


Bite size Shanty goodness 🙂

Finally, we’ve revealed or Suburban theme. Houses that come in two different pack sizes that can be used to make streets or individually as rural homesteads.


There goes the neighbourhood…


The big house!


It’s a war-torn hell hole but the parking is great!


The last farm store before the Wastelands…


Get orf moi laaaannd!


Do you want me to get you anything?

The Suburbs are yet to be unlocked, so if you’re planning to jump in you should do it soon to ensure it happens! 🙂

For more pics and info head on over to our Facebook page and the Urban Apocalypse Kickstarter page 🙂


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