The world is not as it was. The ancient magics stir within the earth, and their return heralds a new age of opportunity for those bold enough to seize upon such glorious times.

Within the tombs and crypts of antiquity lie the makings of legends; untold prosperity, unspeakable peril and the ever-present prospect of glory.

The tales of your adventures will echo through the ages, and should your band of reprobates happen to save the world in the course of things, then all the better…

Maladum is a fantasy miniatures board game in which your band of Adventurers head into ancient dungeons and abandoned settlements to seek their fortune. It's based on our bestselling sci-fi game Core Space, but has been reworked from the ground up to provide a compelling and immersive fantasy experience. It retains the simple core mechanics, interactive NPCs, and unique ‘real search’ system while seamlessly integrating everything you'd expect from a fantasy dungeon crawler, from exotic wandering beasts to all manner of magical powers and weaponry.

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