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Webshop is open! Plus a quick catch up…

2nd February 2015

Wayne from Battle Systems here, clogging up the interwebs. Wow, has it been 4 months since we posted a new blog? Apologies for that, we find after a Kickstarter campaign that we spend all of our time writing updates on there or on Facebook. I’ll get you up to speed now…

Shop.Battle Systems

First off: the webshop is open! Goto http://shop.battlesystems.co.uk to snap up our surplus Sci-fi stock.  If this sells well (early indications are that they’re flying out the window) then we will do a new print run including all of the add-ons that are rare or impossible to get hold of. The Infested and Clean Wall packs have already sold out!

Fantasy Dungeon Production

We are about 4 weeks from starting the presses for our Fantasy Dungeon terrain. So far we’ve cleaned up the die-cut templates so they’ll be about 50% easier to use than the Sci-fi terrain (which was still user friendly). By that we mean you’ll have far less tidying up to do (taking a scalpel to bits that need it). This is all from direct feedback from our backers.


50% easier for you… because we care. x

We’re now cleaning up the artwork for the printed sheets, Colin’s done a bang up job with the artwork, not to mention squeezing in loads of extras (there’s a whole blog’s worth on that alone but take a look at the Sci-fi Dimension Gate, everyone who ordered the d-gate during the Fantasy KS gets the Sci-fi one thrown in free!)


It’s the ancient portal with some retro future technology (or something).


The Ginger Claw hard at work. Work harder, Ginger Claw!

Then it’s off to the printers for sample prints, then much rubbing of chins as we decide if it’s up to scratch or not (if not, back it goes).

Games People bunk off work

Over the Christmas holidays we had a couple of good games using the terrain and some home grown rules (both reported with exhausting detail on the Fantasy Dungeon updates).


Fun for all the family 🙂


That’s a lot of troopers. Lucky their aim is off!

Remember, you don’t need to be a Kickstarter backer to read our updates nor use Facebook to read our Facebook page, both are open to everyone.

Next Kickstarter

Pencilled in with a blue pencil (easily erased!) is August 2015 for our third Kickstarter. It’s a doozy and it kills me that I can’t tell you what it is just yet. Colin would snap my (blue) pencils 🙂


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