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Halfway there and on the home run!

20th November 2013

We’re over halfway now with just 11 days to go! Our funding is at a healthy 120K which is good news for the backers because they get loads of free kit and unlocked add-ons that we’re selling at miniscule prices.

Now’s the customary ‘quiet time’ of any Kickstarter where people mull over what to add, some hold back until the end and some just wander off. If you know anyone on the fence then please urge them to jump aboard, this is the perfect time before the last rush. Also, without those pledges we can’t unlock the stretch goals!

So far we’ve unlocked an elevator, walls with windows, computer consoles and a medi-bay, none of which would have seen the light of day if it wasn’t for the extra funding.


The medi-bay add-on, very popular with broken soldiers.

We’ve been getting plenty of gaming press coverage, Beasts of War have a page of articles and a vid here: http://www.beastsofwar.com/on-the-table/s6-ep7/ (we’re in at about 7min 30s).

There’s a Weegamer interview here and Corehammer have a two parter all about us:



We’ve got a good rapport going with our backers, what with our sunny dispositions and all that and they’re more than happy to jump in and answer any newbie questions on the comments page if we’re not there (sometimes we dare to sleep!)


Colin and Wayne have very different approaches.

We expect the last 48 hours to go crazy so if you don’t hear from us it’s because we’re drowning in a sea of comments, PMs, emails, suggestions and demands for gold toilets!


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