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How the modular system works

8th March 2013

Here’s a few more pics and a short explanation of how our new set works.
The whole set is modular with smaller components such as furniture simply slotting together and the larger pieces clipping together to make the walls. Basically you have flat pieces that come straight out of the box combining to make three dimensional objects with no glueing or painting.

Sniper’s eye view. You can see how a 1 dimensional wall can be 3 dimensional with the right parts.

We’ve designed it to be as flexible as possible, you can make any sized room you want or make narrow corridors for nasty skirmishes with any arrangement of room furniture to make obstacles and cover, great for both campaigns and one off fights.

Hangar bout. Plenty of wide open spaces if you want them.

So how does the modular system work? You start with a basic wall unit of which there are a few different types.  Two or more wall units are placed next to each other and clipped together to form a longer wall. All of the clips are designed to look like part of the component or to be an active part, there’s no unsightly spare bits here.

A basic wall and door unit

The walls can be stacked on top of each other and in theory, there’s no upper limit to how many levels you can make (depends on how many sets you have). The ‘ramp’ of one side of a wall can be replaced with a fascia to make a flat sided wall.

See that tower? Made up of modular walls.

And that’s it. You build it, put it together then throw it in a box when you’re done. More pics coming in the next blog, roughly two weeks from now. The figures were supplied by Mantic Games and painted by Rich at Sabre Minatures.
A quick FAQ on the two most common questions we get asked:
1. When will the Kickstarter start?
2. How much will it cost?
Both depend on the manufacture and we are still in talks. We want to make the new line as affordable as possible but we won’t give a figure in case we can’t meet that. As for the Kickstarter startup spring-summer is all we can say for now.