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Mission Monday #24 – Hull Breach!

8th February 2021

Mission Monday #24 – Hull Breach!

Mission Monday has arrived again! In case you missed the last one, Mission Mondays are where we release brand new narrative missions for Core Space to download for free.

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Hull Breach

This week’s free download is a solo mission designed for lockdown gaming. Lots of new players have picked up Core Space recently, and this mission is playable using just the starter set.

The Aldrin College for Gifted Students is a prestigious school, but unlike most it cannot be found on the surface of a planet – it’s on board a space station! While this has its benefits, it does leave it more vulnerable to attacks from the Purge… Their latest assault has pierced a hole in the hull, and your job is to board the station and rescue the students before they get sucked into space, or suffer an even worse fate at the hands of the Purge!

Hull Breach! Do you have some spare wall sections lying around? Being cardboard, it’s easy to destroy a few pieces for added effect!

If anyone else has a mission they would like to see featured here, send it in to customerservice@battlesystems.co.uk – we look forward to hearing from you!

Download the mission HERE.

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