Core Space Purge Outbreak Expansion


Purge: Outbreak is an expansion for Core Space that reinforces the Purge with the menacing Gatherers and the lethal Annihilator.

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Product Contents

1 Purge Annihilator Miniature
1 Purge Mother Miniature
5 Purge Spider Miniatures
2 Character Boards
3 Annihilator Status Inserts
2 Annihilator Upgrade Counters
5 Spider Counters
3 Reward Counters
1 ‘Mother’s Venom’ Equipment Token
New Gaming Terrain
  • 24 Infestations
  • 2 Cell Walls
  • Plasma Reactor
  • Auto-Doc
  • Console
Mission Briefing and Rules Booklet

Product Overview

Purge: Outbreak is an expansion for Core Space that reinforces the Purge with the menacing Gatherers and the lethal Annihilator. Ramp up the difficulty and defeat these colossal constructs in a series of thrilling new missions, and then add them to your regular games with the new Event Cards. Just don’t let them take you alive!

New terrain infests your boards with living biomass, and new equipment such as the Mother’s Venom will give your crew new ways to survive!

Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play.

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Amazing addition for when you want to step up the difficulty... or jump up rather. These foes are no joke! The models are a blast and gameplay additions are fantastic!

Another great expansion. When the Annihilator enters the map, you know it is time to run! The miniatures are great and the infection terrain is excellent and has so many other uses.

Another very good extension for the Core space game! The miniatures are beautiful and very interesting in game! This expansion brings new Boss type enemies for the Purge, great way to strengthen your next waves! 3 scenarios are included in the form of a mini-campaign where you will face a strange alien infection that is spreading in a complex still inhabited... The decorative elements included are also very nice and make it possible to further expand the extraordinary range of Battle Systems with, among other things, the presence of magnetic cell doors and an auto-doc table.

This expansion is so befitting to the lore of Core Space. The Mother spider and her babies are terrifying, and the Annihilater will out fear into the eyes of even the most seasoned trader. But for me, the added infested terrain is what really makes this expansion. It turns regular CS into an alien infested space station that turns against you and grows more further and further as you play the game. I would leave this expansion for last as it requires a well experienced crew to attempt, but it also means that there is no real end to CS. The stories, difficulty and loving world just keeps growing around you.

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