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This pack takes all of the skills, classes and NPC actions from every Core Space release to date and displays it on a deck of handy reference cards.

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Product Contents

40 Tarot-sized (70x120mm) Reference Cards
  • 34 Skill/Class Reference Cards
  • 1 Ship Reference Card
  • 5 NPC Reference Cards

Product Overview

The Core Space rulebook has a comprehensive reference section at the back, with everything you need to know to use all the skills and abilities in the game, as well as a reminder of NPC actions and other useful information. Further reference sections can be found in each of the Core Space expansions.

This pack takes all of this information from every Core Space release to date and displays it on a deck of handy reference cards. At the start of the game, just pick the ones relevant to the crew/mission you are playing and have them at the side of the board without needing to open the rulebook!

The pack includes the character skills arranged in two different ways depending on your preference – by Skill type and by character class.

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I can finally place the skill explanations I need right in front of me and don't keep forgetting to use them in the middle of the action. The explanation of the dice symbols is also handy if you use several of them and don't want to learn them all by heart.

Really helpful set of reference cards to help keep track of skills especially, but also has the AI flowchart and the security and civilian action summaries.

These are absolutely essential. Core Space has many classes with many skills and icons. There is no way that you can remember almost any of your skills, let alone the 3 levels that each of your 8 or so skills per class for each of your 4 different traders may have. Referring back to the rulebook is a pain. So the tarot-sized cards are a must. I love that they have cards arranged by type and by class and both regular CS and First Born are all included in one pack. I am definitely adding a second deck, and really hard core players can even consider one deck for each player, or at least one for every 2 players.

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