Core Space Shootout at Zed’s Expansion


Shootout at Zed’s is an expansion for Core Space that introduces the dastardly Zed and his gang of criminals.

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Product Contents

6 Ganger Miniatures
2 Civilian Miniatures
8 Character Boards
8 Class Boards
1 Ship Board
5 Event Cards
22 Equipment Tokens
Zed’s Bar Terrain
  • Mezzanine Lounge
  • Additional Walls
  • Bar
  • Entrance Struts
  • Partition Wall
  • TV
  • Ladder
Mission Briefing and Rules Booklet

Product Overview

Shootout at Zed’s is an expansion for Core Space that introduces the dastardly Zed and his gang of criminals, a new type of NPC, as well as some new Civilians. Learn to love or loathe them in a series of thrilling new missions, and then add them to your regular games with the new Event Cards. They are also a fully playable Trader crew!

New terrain adds the centrepiece two-storey Zed’s Bar to your board, and new equipment such as the Teleport Grenade will give your crew new ways to survive!

Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play.

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If you’ve enjoyed the base game, this is the first expansion that you should consider. You get terrain, a new enemy, and all the cards needed to add them into your game. In addition you can use the gangers as an additional crew - further expanding your games. Buy this first before any other expansions!

The addition of gangers (who can double as crew) is welcome and exciting! I cannot wait for more gangs to get released, but this one still delivers quite a punch on its own!

This expansion adds Zed and his gang to Core Space. I love how easily this folds into the existing game. Having the option to use the gangers as an additional adversaries, uneasy allies or new crew members to your games opens up so many story telling possibilities. The miniatures are great and the scenery bits are excellent.

Another must-have expansion for this out-of-this-world game! New non-player characters who will give more life to your games + environment and decor of a bar that will be welcome on your boards. Zed and 3 of his acolytes can also form a new gang of traders. Very nice miniatures... Like all CS expansions, this one adds grain to grind and almost endless game potential!

I enjoyed this Core Space expansion. The additional miniatures are great and the unique terrain is easy to assemble and fun to use.

Zed's is probably the first expansion that anyone should get for CS. It adds the Gangers into the mix, which significantly increases the dynamic elements of the game. They can interfere, help or just cause chaos during a game and adds some excellent stories to tell after each game.

A very good expansion for Core Space base game, with a whole faction of gangers ready to disturb your so well planned scavenging! With the gang of zed, you get some news scenery : a bar counter and room, and the personnal office for the leader of this infamous gang Zed (the office introduce a second floor to your scenery and the excitement of a multi-level game).

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