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Heads up!

9th January 2013

We’ve been a bit quiet of late but there’s a good reason for that; in Spring – Summer 2013 we hope to launch a new line funded by a Kickstarter campaign. We’ve been beavering away at the prototype for months now and it all looks pretty cool.

It’s a bit top secret for the moment but I can tell you that the new line will feature internal SF scenery similar (but excitingly different) to our current DLC range but it will be 100% physical; in a box and everything.

“So what do you want from me?” you may ask (if you’re prone to talking to yourself while at your computer). When the Kickstarter campaign starts we’ll need as much support as possible so feel free to sponsor us, hype us up to your friends and generally big it up on the forums. For now just consider this a heads up and I will leak more details closer to the deadline.

Also, due to popular demand we’ve restocked our Battle Systems Starter Pack so grab one while you can.