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Mission Monday #25 – Gone in Sixty Parsecs

1st March 2021

Mission Monday #25 – Gone in Sixty Parsecs

Mission Monday has arrived again! In case you missed the last one, Mission Mondays are where we release brand new narrative missions for Core Space to download for free.

Mission Mondays will return on a regular basis. To stay up to date with the latest game content make sure you subscribe to this blog and sign up to our newsletter HERE.

Gone in Sixty Parsecs*

This week’s free download takes inspiration from the latest season of the Expanse. It requires the Shift Change at MegaCorp expansion to play, and if you are successful you’ll earn yourself a Shuttle! If you’ve got an experienced crew, we recommend adding the Galactic Corps and the Gangers to the game too for more of a challenge. After all, you’re not going to be the only ones after this prize!

In this particularly affluent area of the Barrens – if you could believe such a place exists – a Purge attack has caused a hasty retreat by the residents, meaning plenty of valuable items have been left behind. Perhaps the most tempting prize is a shiny new Shuttle!

* Yes, we know a parsec is a unit of distance, but we’re using some artistic licence to get away with a cool mission name!

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Download the mission HERE.

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