Core Space Galactic Corps Expansion


The Galactic Corps is an expansion for Core Space that introduces the disciplined Galactic Corps and the local Security Wardens.

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Product Contents

1 Galactic Corps Director Miniature
1 Galactic Corps Juggernaut Miniature
4 Galactic Guard Miniatures
2 Security Warden Miniatures
4 Character Boards
4 Apprehended Boards
1 Security Die
5 Event Cards
11 Equipment Tokens
New Gaming Terrain
  • Particle Transmitter
  • CO2 Scrubber
  • Storage Locker
  • Conduit
  • Bunk
  • 4 Cargo Crates
Mission Briefing and Rules Booklet

Product Overview

The Galactic Corps is an expansion for Core Space that introduces the disciplined Galactic Corps and the local Security Wardens – new types of NPC. Work with and against them in a series of thrilling new missions, and then add them to your regular games with the new Event Cards and Security Dice. They’re here for the Purge, but don’t get in their way!

New terrain adds the centrepiece Particle Transmitter to your board, and new equipment such as the Riot Fist will give your crew new ways to survive!

Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play.

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The GC add an interesting dimension to your games. The security can help you in your struggle against the Purge, but they can also mess up your plans when you least expect. With a little adaptation you can turn them into a full enemy faction, changing your games and giving a new challenge.

These are some of my favorite Core Space models! This box adds another element to deal with on the board and can cause some really interesting twists in missions when combined with Zed's gangers! Love this one!

Despite there lawful exterior the Galactic Corp may not be any better than the gangers who work for Zed. I do love this expansion though. Having the Galactic Corp help take on the Purge can be really helpful. Not to mention, stealing right from under their noses is really satisfying for my crew of rogues. The miniatures are excellent as usually and the terrain pieces are just so cool.

New protagonists who can be allies or enemies with a yellow die to randomly draw the behavior of the local security warden. Added to this, a new teleporter decor that allows miniatures to enter/exit in the middle of the map instead of on an edge. Necessary extension to add variety to the game, especially if you are playing solo.

The Galactic Guards is the second expansion I would add after Zed's, but still a must-have. The security guard adds a bit of thought into the game...until the Corps arrive. As traders, you had better stay out of their way. Combined with the Zed's expansion, the Corps and the Gangers are natural enemies and makes for some excellent gaming. That is, until the Purge arrive. Then everyone teams together to hold them back for as long as they can.

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