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Core Space Wanted: Dead or Alive


This expansion adds Bounty Hunters to the game along with a range of playable auxiliary companions.

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Product Contents

2 Bounty Hunter Miniatures
5 Auxiliary Miniatures
7 Character Boards
2 Class Boards
1 Entry Point Marker
6 Mark Counters
22 Stun/Fire/Poison Counters
40 Equipment Tokens
5 Event Cards
Mission Briefing & Rules Booklet

Product Overview

Lurking in the grey area between good and evil are the Bounty Hunters, powerful new NPCs tasked with hunting people, for a price! If your name is on their list you’d better beware, or at least have the cash to pay them off! This expansion adds these new characters to the game along with a range of auxiliary companions. They’re not just NPCs either – they are all fully playable as a part of your crew!

The new narrative campaign will see you trying to stay alive while there’s a bounty on your head, and new Event Cards, character boards and equipment will integrate these characters into the game.

Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play.

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