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Who are Battle Systems?

We are Battle Systems and we've been making tabletop gaming terrain for over ten years. We're known for our top-quality sets that are easy to assemble and require no painting! We have a huge range of fantasy, sci-fi and urban terrain and we've even got our own miniatures game, Core Space. For more information please check out the links below and continue to explore the site.

Battle Systems graphic image
Battle Systems graphic image
Who are Battle Systems?
Battle Systems graphic image
Battle Systems graphic image

Eight successful Kickstarter campaigns and we're in no hurry to stop now!

With over 17000 backers raising over £2.5 million over the years, Kickstarter has allowed us to do way more than a tiny company like ours could imagine, bringing our games and terrain to homes across the globe. Our products have since enjoyed continuing retail success way beyond Kickstarter and we are eternally grateful to our amazing backers. We have more projects to come very soon!

Free Downloadable Content!

Free Downloadable Content!

Did you know we regularly support Core Space with new missions that you can download for free? Head over to our Downloads page where you will find all of these as well as the core rules to get a feel for the mechanics, design tools to create your own characters and mission maps, and all sorts of gaming aids to improve your experience.

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Whether you are eyeing this beautiful set simply for its collection of bad-ass terrain or you’re pining for a new miniatures game to take on, Core Space will leave you gobsmacked. This box is the real deal and one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve had thus far in 2019.

Geek and Sundry

If you want some miniature terrain that assembles quickly, that looks great thanks to its detailed artwork, and can fill a gaming table on a budget, then I highly recommend Battle Systems.


Fabulous game, ticks all the boxes for those who want an RPG with leveling up and telling a story, but want the session to unfold in an AI controlled skirmish game. 5* from me.

Reviewed on Chaos Cards

These card buildings are impressive due to the fact that there is little or no painting required, the quality of the card used is excellent and the clarity of the printing process is exceptional. A great idea, excellently executed and a real bonus for the ‘time poor’ hobbyist.

Wargames Illustrated

Been tempted by this kind of terrain for a while now, getting it with miniatures, rules and play aids for essentially the price of the terrain only is spectacular.

Reviewed on Goblin Gaming