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Setting up the Cyberpunk Terrain for Core Space



Essential Quick Start Guide – Sci-fi

Sci-fi Walls

Sci-fi Floor Tiles

Sci-fi Small Floor Tiles

Sci-fi Doorways & Airlocks

Sci-fi Gantries & Railings

Sci-fi Equipment

Sci-fi Consoles

Grav-Lift Elevator

Particle Transmitter

Arrival Bay

Medical Research Lab

Detention Cells

Alien Infestation

Gothic Core Set

Outlands Explorer Station

Outlands Walls

Outlands Building – Checkpoint Alpha

Outlands Building – Station Zeta

Outlands Building – Delta Garrison

Gothic Ruins

Engineering Sector

Sci-fi Dimension Gate

Industrial Turbine

Sci-fi Terrain Kickstarter Video

Sci-fi Terrain – How it Works

Sci-fi Terrain – Combining Sets

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