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Dangerous Days Free to Download!

5th May 2023

Dangerous Days Free to Download!

If you’ve visited our store recently you might have noticed that the Core Space Dangerous Days book is out of stock. This book was first published while the world was still keeping fit with Joe Wicks, singing the Potato song, hoarding loo rolls, and baking far too much banana bread. As you’d expect, Core Space has grown and evolved a lot since then, so large parts of this book have been superseded. That means that we’ve decided to discontinue this product as we don’t think it makes sense to reprint a book that has references to expansions that are no longer available.

The good news is that we have published the remaining content of the book on the website for free.

Dangerous Days

Dangerous Days Campaign Rules

Dangerous Days added an optional set of campaign rules designed to challenge more experienced crews and to reflect the increasing chaos of the galaxy as the Purge rampage through it.

It adds the option to make levelling up harder for experienced Traders, meaning that once a Trader reaches level 3 they earn Career points for specific actions, like personally completing an objective, rather than just completing a mission. Finding parts for your ships gets harder thanks to the disruption caused by the Purge, so you can no longer rely on the right part being available at a reasonable price.

In these rules you will also find, shockingly, that your crew actually want to be paid, putting pressure on your finances with a fee based on their experience level.

The Purge want to make life harder too, taking shots at your ship as you flee if you leave any on the board when you depart. This ‘Fleeing Under Fire’ rule has the potential to damage your ship so you’ll need to decide if it’s better to run away or fight out another round.

In my experience, these rules add just the right amount of challenge to the game for more experienced crews and are definitely worth checking out.

Download the rules
Dangerous Days Campaign

The Dangerous Days book came with its own eight-mission campaign that sees you tangle with a shady megacorp, a militant Galactic Corps, ruthless Gangers, and finishes with an epic double map mission to save the galaxy. If that all sounds fun, you can download it for free now.

Download the Campaign
Anarchy in the Galaxy

The panic caused by the Purge has led to an increase in lawlessness even on planets that they have yet to reach, and on worlds that have already been ‘purged’ desperate pockets of survivors have thrown off the veneer of civilisation as they fight over what little is left.  

This is reflected in the ‘Anarchy in the Galaxy’ optional rules. They are a refreshing and fun way to play games where Gangers replace the Purge as the main adversaries.

Traders work in the grey areas of the law, so ‘Anarchy in the Galaxy’ also has rules to let your Traders try to blend in when they visit Ganger-controlled areas – at least until their cover is blown.

Download the rules
Terrain Rules and common special rules

Anyone that has played our games knows that part of the fun is interacting with the terrain, whether it’s searching crates for loot, or flipping a table to give a Trader some previous cover. Dangerous Days provided rules to take this further by including terrain from our Sci-fi Terrain range. This included rules to teleport using a Particle Transmitter, to use machinery from the Engineering Sector set as objectives, to heal yourself using an Auto-Doc, or even do a spot of shopping while on a mission by using Shop Counters.

This download also includes rules on moving objects, using computers, Infestation terrain, and guidance on designing rewards for missions that aren’t just more credits.

Download the rules
Rogue Purge

Occasionally a Purge Live One will develop a personality that allows it to break free from its conditioning and it will set about recruiting other Purge when it can. Although the Rogue Purge expansion has been out of print for a while, you can download all the information you need to use them in your game.

Download the rules
Painting Guide

All our sets use colour-coded plastic so are playable without painting, but if you like playing with painted miniatures we’ve created some guides to getting your crew and Purge opponents painted up for the tabletop.

Download the Guides
Scavengers and Workers

The rules for Scavengers and Workers were also included in the book. Scavengers are an NPC type that want to beat you to the loot found in Core Space missions and pinch it for themselves. Workers are a type of civilian that are loyal to their employer, whether that’s a Megacorp or a the local Gangers. The rules for both of these NPC types can be found in the Black Star Rising expansion.