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A Guide to the Dungeons of Enveron for DMs

27th February 2023

A Guide to the Dungeons of Enveron for DMs

Maladum modular fantasy terrain for Dungeon Masters and Game Masters

The peoples of Mesa certainly liked building dungeons didn’t they? Which is great because what party of adventurers doesn’t like raiding them? 

For Dungeon Masters and Games Masters though, it can become a real challenge to find and store terrain for all your D&D, Pathfinder and other games. 

The Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron core set from Battle Systems is a fully modular set of dungeon terrain. From walls and secret doors to weapon racks, chests and arcane libraries you’ll find everything you need to create an endless number of engaging encounters for your players. 

Modular terrain to match your imagination

The dungeon terrain is quick and easy to assemble and comes with a high quality neoprene mat, preprinted with 1 inch squares to make movement easy. When your session is over it all packs away neatly back into the box.

Also included are seven beautifully detailed adventurer miniatures to use as your party or other NPCs. The box also contains enemies for them to face off against including a hulking troll, a greedy troglodyte and host of lumbering undead abominations. The models are ready to play straight out of the box with no assembly required and each character type is in a different colour to make them stand out without painting.

Oh and did we mention it’s a full game in its own right? Maladum can played co-op or solo and hits that sweet spot between board game and tabletop RPG. Everyone knows that the biggest problem most adventuring parties face is scheduling, so next time there is a diary clash, Maladum is the perfect way to get your fix of fantasy adventure.

When you get back to your next game you might find that more than just the atmospheric dungeon terrain that you bring with you from your game of Maladum. The set comes with a series of fantasy scenarios that can be adapted to D&D, Pathfinder or whatever system you use – or just act as seed to inspire your own encounters. Also in the box are a set of handy tokens to mark conditions and you might want to spice up your encounters with Maladum’s event cards to create some unplanned complications for your players. Another great feature of Maladum is the dread tracker, which advances each turn to steadily increase the danger levels of the dungeon, which could be a great way to keep your PCs on their toes.

Expansions unlocked by the kickstarter

The Forbidden creed

The Forbidden Creed expansion includes 13 new miniatures from the tiny Miri to the imposing Ascendant, and even more terrain for your encounters.

Oblivion’s Maw

Do you need tentacles? Because we’ve got tentacles for miles with the Oblivion’s Maw expansion. There is even a very suspicious-looking chest…

Dungeon Terrain kit

If you want to create even more impressive dungeons, the Dungeon Terrain set (also available in the Kickstarter) gives you everything you need to make stunning multi-level dungeons to really bring your game to life. It also comes with a gridded neoprene mat, is just as modular and easy to assemble and packs away into a small space for storage.

multi-level dungeon terrain

Expansions unlocked by the kickstarter

The Great Hall of Khaarastad
This grand hall is the perfect place for a light snack, but who is on the menu?
The Mines of Meruta
Will your players find riches or trouble in these mines?
The Ravenskeep Sewers
These tiles can be flipped to create rivers of lava.

Fantasy terrain

Of course, our heroes don’t spend all their time dungeon-crawling. Battle Systems terrain sets have been a popular way to create fantasy villages that look fantastic and can be stored easily. Whether you need a bustling inn, a lonely fort, a creepy graveyard or a hard-working blacksmith’s forge you should check out our wide range of fantasy terrain.