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First sneak peek of the Fantasy terrain

30th April 2014

Here’s a quick round up of of the last few weeks, our plans for the next few months and a sneak peek of our new Fantasy Dungeon terrain 🙂


The production of our card terrain has started! Our faithful minions are creating the magic as you read this! Also, the ABS plastic clips will start production this very week!


The ABS plastic clips. Is there anything more awesome? No. No, there is not (serious face).


Our distribution time has been pushed back a couple of weeks, not because we had any problems, it’s just manufacturing is like that. Don’t be surprised if we may have to add a couple more weeks to the deadline, we want you to get a perfect product, not a rushed one.

Those in the UK will get their sets first, roughly mid-June then Europe and North America will follow shortly afterwards. Those in the far off misty mountains of New Zealand may have to wait a few more weeks. Try to be patient, mates!


If you were unlucky enough to miss the Kickstarter we will be taking pre-orders in May or thereabouts. We may also be selling some of our surplus stock on our website in the summer. Stretch goals will not be available for pre-orders.

If the remaining stock sells out we will consider running a second, retail print that will be available on our website and at independent game stores. We are already in discussions with stores who are interested.

New Kickstarter campaign!

Next, our Fantasy Dungeon Kickstarter! Yes, it’s gonna happen and yes it’s gonna be awesome! (excuse the vernacular, I recently returned from a trip to the USA). Originally pencilled in for early summer it may be more like early autumn, that will give us time to prepare for the KS and look into the feedback for the Sci-FI terrain. In the meantime we will be driving you nuts with sneak peeks 🙂 In fact, here’s a couple of pics for you to mull over:


Walls, doors, chests, big struts, cool chimney flue/wall thingies.



I want that. If we can’t get that portcullis to final production I will hack my head off with a blunt pencil.


After the Sci-FI terrain has been distributed and things calm down a bit we will be winding down the updates on Kickstarter. Your principal source of information will then be this blog, our newsletter and our Facebook page. If there’s a great enough demand we will be opening up an official Battle Systems Forum where you can talk BS to your heart’s content 😉

BackerKit absentees

We still have a small number of people who will not be getting their sets on time! Either they’ve not paid enough for their sets, not paid for the shipping costs or they haven’t given us their shipping address. If you find yourself to be sans Battle Systems say a month after the distribution date chances are you are one of those individuals! Please contact us ASAP at info@battlesystems.co.uk

Mini Rumour control

There’s been a small misapprehension that we’ll just quickly address. The PDF files for the card terrain will not be made available to the public. Neither will the high resolution artwork. Partly because a business has to have some secrets but mostly to minimise piracy (if someone is going to rip us off they can jolly well buy a set!)


Rumours that our recent Kickstarter success has gone to our heads are patently untrue.

UK Games Expo

We will be at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham on Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June 2013. We will be taking pre-orders for the Sci-Fi card terrain and showing off our prototype Fantasy Dungeon terrain. Come talk to us, we don’t bite (much). Personally, if I leave without a photo of me and Chris Barrie (who’s a guest speaker) my life will feel wasted 🙂


If you want to stay up to date with our latest developments just click here to subscribe to our newsletter or email us at info@battlesystems.co.uk and type ‘news’ into the subject line.