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Hold it… hold it…

20th September 2013

Those of you who follow our Facebook page will have already seen that we’ve finally pinned down a manufacturer for our new line 🙂 The quality is right, the price is right. Currently we’re negotiating on our acrylic clips and everything is looking great, it’s actually happening! We’re very excited here in the Battle Systems potting shed offices.

Anyway, here’s some jolly nice pics to remind you what it’s all about.


Have a good look at that. That could be yours my hard rocking amigo.


You’re never alone with a clone (chamber).


That could be your scruffy dice right there.

Also, we’ve been editing together our Kickstarter video and we’ve ended up with a lot of edited out material. We thought you might want to have a good look at who we are 😉

We will soon be looking for volunteers to check out our Kickstarter page before its launch to make sure everything makes sense and we’ve not missed something obvious. Look out for details on our Facebook page.

In the meantime we’ll be propping up a table at the 2013 Derby World Wargames on the 28th and 29th of September. We’ll be flogging off the last of our DLC disks (we’ll not be making any more but the DLC content will always be available on our website) and showing off the prototype of the new line. We were at the show last year and we’d only been going 6 months and were chuffed with the warm welcome we received (we’re expecting pitchforks and flaming torches this year).


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