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Join the Team! Art/Graphic Design Work Available

17th June 2022

Join the Team! Art/Graphic Design Work Available

That’s right, we need to expand our team again! This isn’t a normal job advert though – we’ve got a lot of work that needs doing but we’re open as to how to do it! It could be ad-hoc freelance work, full-time employment, or anything in between, so if you want to work for Battle Systems in any capacity please read on.

New Colin Required!

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with our current Colin!

For those who aren’t aware, all our products are largely the creation of one person, Colin Young. We’re now at the point where we really can’t expand or maintain our product ranges to the level we want to without cloning him. In the absence of such technology, we need to hire someone who can do what he does, or can at least learn to do what he does.

Primarily, we need someone who can work on our 3D cardboard terrain ranges, creating new pieces from scratch. This will include:

  • Creating artwork and textures in a realistic style as seen on our existing terrain.
  • Engineering the required components to prototype and assemble these terrain pieces in 3D.
  • Working in Photoshop and Illustrator to create the files for mass production.
  • Being original. We try to avoid simply recreating designs seen elsewhere – wherever possible our designs are unique to us, trying to offer a twist on seemingly ubiquitous terrain.

A talent for character design, game development, photography or really any other aspect of creating games would be a bonus – it’s a tiny company and we all do a bit of everything!

We need someone who can work from home and is relatively local to the midlands region of the UK so they can work with Colin when required and physically provide the newly designed pieces for game testing and product photos.

While there are plenty of people who can do parts of this job, the iterative nature of the work means it will be far more efficient if we can find one person who can handle the whole role.

Because the requirements are so particular, this isn’t a traditional job advert. The terms of the position are entirely dependent on who we can find and how well they fit the business. It could be freelance work, full-time employment, some sort of apprentice arrangement, or anything in between.

As long as we can find someone with the raw aptitude we will of course provide full training, so the position is open to inexperienced applicants too. Colin himself is completely self-taught, so there’s no reason that someone else can’t come on board and learn the ropes.

How to Apply

If you believe you can create something like the image above, please get in touch. Please email stewart@battlesystems.co.uk with details of your relevant experience. A CV would be useful if you have one. We are particularly keen to see examples of your artwork, and if you’ve previously designed 3D components, even better!

Please also explain your ideal working arrangement:

  • Are you looking for freelance work, and how much, or are you looking for part or full-time employment?
  • What would you be looking for in terms of salary or hourly rate?
  • Where are you located and can you travel?
  • Are there any other requirements you would need us to take into account?
  • Do you have an ambition to work in a particular area of the industry, or is there a particular product you’d like to create? Battle Systems is a very collaborative team – this isn’t a job where we will just tell you what to do.

The closing date for applications is the 3rd of July 2022.

We look forward to hearing from you!