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Last 48 hours of our Kickstarter!

19th September 2014

In the final 48 hours we thought we’d just show you what we’re offering so far on our Fantasy Kickstarter . If you’re sitting on the fence or have inherited money from an eccentric uncle who insists that you spend it all on card terrain then this is for you!

We’ve knocked flat a half dozen major stretch goals opening up some really cool add-ons and incidentally increasing the sheer amount of FREE stuff!

Currently we’re aiming to unlock THE FORTRESS. Just look at it!


“Camelot.” “Camelot!” Camelot!!” “It’s only a model.” 😛


And Lo! The unbelievers of Cardboard were smote in the eyeballs…


“Mind that giant! “What giant? Aagh!”


“Nice view from here!”

Other major add-ons include the Mines of Minerva, the Dimension Gate, the Great Hall, the Dungeon Sewers and two sets of Dungeon Accessories.


Mine how you go 🙂


BOOM! Now the party starts!


I never tire of looking at this 🙂


Ah! Underground Medieval Venice! Probably.

Remember you get a LOT more during the Kickstarter than you would in retail (which is at least a year away).


The FREE extras achieved by hitting Stretch Goals.


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