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Maladum – Game Overview

28th February 2023

Maladum – Game Overview

Maladum is a fantasy miniatures board game set in the kingdoms of Enveron, a prosperous continent on a distant world in the far future. What was once ancient technology has emerged from a long dark age to permeate every part of society, and is now known as Maladum, or simply magic…

Assemble your party of heroes

The players will take control of small bands of Adventurers seeking their fortune. The starter set contains one party, for a single person playing solo or up to four players playing cooperatively. Additional Adventurers can be purchased separately to expand your party or assemble additional parties for multiplayer games.

Maladum is played in a series of narrative quests. Your party will be presented with a set of objectives and a map of the area, showing how to set out the detailed 3D gaming area. They will need to venture out from their camp, complete the objectives and get back to safety. That last part is vital!

Each round the players will take actions with their Adventurers – moving, fighting, drawing on magical abilities and exploring the gaming area. The Adventurers’ abilities and equipment are tracked using the game’s unique character dashboards, and the success of their actions is determined by rolling the various dice.

A character’s Health, Inventory space, and their use of Magic and other special Skills are all limited resources, so you will have tough decisions to make every round to make sure you’re getting the best out of your party.

The game fights back

When the Adventurers have taken their actions, the game fights back! The Revenants in this starter set are just one of many non-player characters (NPCs for short) controlled by the game’s mechanics. The undead constructs will shamble towards you animated by dark magic, while wandering beasts emerge from their lairs and fellow Adventurers find themselves lost in the chaos.

While all of this is going on, the game’s Dread level will be rising. As each peg is placed into the Dread Tracker, the Revenants become even more dangerous, as will the unpredictable events arising from the game’s event deck each round.

A setting fit for adventurers

The heart of Maladum is its characters. The campaign system will allow you to take your party through a series of games, getting to know them, developing their skills, upgrading their equipment, making their camp and building their story. The starter set includes a branching narrative campaign with over 20 quests, where every decision you make will have an effect on your journey.

Although Dungeons of Enveron is a solo/co-op self-contained game, the rules are designed to cover all options, so you can play your games with different Adventurers, or on different terrain!

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Status Update

Status effects play a significant role in games of Maladum and are so important that they have a whole section of your dashboard dedicated to them. They give you more tactical choices, a wider range of challenges, varied opponents, and even influence what equipment you want take.


Using magic effectively can make the difference between your Adventurers leaving the dungeon as wealthy heroes – or becoming raw materials for the creation of more Revenants. This means that getting the most out of your magic users is going to play an important part in the success of your quests.

Interactive Terrain

There is something really satisfying about physically cracking open a crate in Core Space to see what tokens are inside. This is a feature of Maladum too, with the real search mechanic being applied to chests. However, this is far from the only way that you’ll interact with the terrain in the dungeons of Enveron.

The Dungeons of Enveron Narrative Campaign

A brand-new feature for Maladum is an intricate branching campaign, playable solo or co-operatively. As you play, every decision you make and every objective you complete will have a knock-on effect to your route across Enveron and the ultimate fate of your party.

No Rest For the Wicked

Maladum introduces a whole new concept and phase of play to our rules. Put your feet up, make yourself comfortable and read on to learn about the key role Resting plays in Maladum.

Maladum Tutorials

Learn how to play Maladum, set up your games, and view actual play videos to see how the game plays for real.

Maladum FOR Dungeon and Games Masters

Maladum is a full game in its own right, but its modular dungeons, varied adventurers and a host of deadly foes make it a fantastic resource for Dungeon Masters and Games Masters.


Event Cards play an important role in Maladum. Drawn at the start of each round they can change the environment, introduce challenges and, on occasion, save your bacon.


Every story needs heroes, or at least people reluctantly saving the day and hoping they will get paid. Meet the seven adventurers looking for glory in the Maladum core game.


It’s a kind of magic. But the more important question is, which kind? Get to grips with the magic of Maladum in our magic deep dive.


The Fall was apocalyptic for the peoples of Mesa but, painfully slowly, the long age of darkness is being banished by light of progress.

Maladum launch update

An August 2022 update on where we are up to with Maladum and providing an overview of quests, terrain, timescales, NPCs and lots more besides.


Maladum is our new fantasy miniatures game, developed from the popular Core Space mechanics. Learn more about what is coming in this preview.

Dungeon Terrain

Launching at the same time as Maladum is our fantastic new modular Dungeon Terrain set, which lets you create immersive, multi-level dungeons. Containing over 300 components, this set includes treacherous rope bridges, searchable treasure chests, claustrophobic ruins, cases full of mysterious books and everything you need to create unforgettable encounters.

Both the game and the Dungeon Terrain are fully compatible with each other too, so watch out for our Combined Pledge if you love the sound of both.

Our brand new multi-level fantasy Dungeon Terrain is launching at the same time as the Maladum Kickstarter.