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Mission #35 Fortune and glory

11th March 2024

Mission #35 Fortune and glory

This mission is part 4 of a mini-campaign.

You can pick up the action here if you like, but you might want to play the previous three missions to get the full story.

It is also linked mission with Part 5: Fine. I’ll Do It Myself, so we recommend downloading that one at the same time as this one.

Part 4: Fortune and Glory

Shortly after you reach the safety of orbit, the archaeologists that you rescued in Storm Warning come to you to ask for your help again. They are getting some worrying readings from the equipment they left on their dig site. They had hoped to keep the location of the site away from Salvor Kartain because of the dangerous energy readings they were getting from it. However, it seems that an enterprising bounty hunter used the chaos in Yenton to hack the information from their console and then sold it to the crime boss. The site is located beneath a bustling urban neighbourhood and the archaeologists fear that Kartain’s quest for precious artefacts and powerful trinkets will put everyone in the area in danger. They ask for your help stopping him and casually mention that there might be some valuable items to pick up while you are there.

Expansions Needed: Shootout at Zed’s and / or Trading Post 5.  (Note: This mission uses the Core Space and Core Space: First Born starter sets)

In this mission you’ll be racing against time to stop a reactor from blowing up a neighbourhood, whilst also fighting off Salvor Kartain’s goons and First Born scouts. Not only will you be saving the lives of the locals, and your own, but it’s a chance to pick up some valuable First Born equipment.

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