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Mission #36 Fine. I’ll Do It Myself

11th March 2024

Mission #36 Fine. I’ll Do It Myself

This mission is the final part of a five-part mini-campaign.  It follows on directly from Part 4: Fortune and Glory, so you should play that mission before playing this one.  

If you haven’t already played them, you might also want to play the other three missions in the series before starting the final pair:

As soon as you shut down the Dyson Reactor the structure begins to shake and pieces of ancient masonry begin to fall in chunks. The whole place is coming down around you! You check your escape route using the remote camera you left at the exit and see the distinctive triad of glowing eyes of a Purge ‘Mother’ lumbering out of the gloom. Something is different about this one though, it moves oddly and bears the colours of Kartain’s gang. The mystery is solved when you see the Spiders attend not to their Mother, but to Salvor Kartain himself. He picks up the camera and in a high-pitched tone begins to sing mockingly ‘Traders! Traaaadeeers! Come out and plaaaay’.

Expansions Needed: Purge Outbreak, Shootout at Zed’s and / or Trading Post 5. (Note: This mission uses the Core Space and Core Space: First Born starter sets)

Salvor Kartain has sealed the exit from the ruin that you are attempting to escape from so he can deal with your crew once and for all. You’ll have to defeat him and his reprogrammed Purge Gatherers to escape the ruin as it collapses around you. If you can escape, you can acquire Kartain’s personal space yacht for a hefty discount on a ship from the Ships of Disrepute expansion.

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