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Mission #37 Sample Return

6th May 2024

Mission #37 Sample Return

The Black Star MegaCorp wants a Cerberosa for its bioweapons research division. They sent one of their heavily armed Sample Recovery Teams to get one for them. They failed. The project’s manager at Black Star is now desperate enough to pay outsiders to finish the job. Almost as an afterthought, they have mentioned that some members of their team might need rescuing too.

In this mission you’ll need to subdue a fearsome First Born Cerberosa and then drag it back to your Airlock to get paid. If you decide to help the survivors of Black Star’s expedition, they will return the favour in later missions.

Expansions Needed: Gates of Ry’sa. Core Space: First Born Starter Set.

Download the mission (PDF):

Core Space First Born Cerberosa

The Gates of Ry’sa are a network of interlinked portals to other worlds, times or alternate realities. This expansion for Core Space: First Born adds one of these gates to the game along with powerful new First Born threats – the Talos and the Cerberosa.

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