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Mission #39 The Enemy of my Enemy

24th June 2024

Mission #39 The Enemy of my Enemy

The Barrens are still reeling from Purge assaults so the Galactic Corps – and whatever military fleets can be thrown together – are already stretched to their limit. The new threat caused by the First Born system suddenly propelling itself at impossible speeds straight for inhabited sectors means that people are running out of options.

Things are bad enough that Special Agent Zara came knocking at your airlock with a desperate plan to slow the First Born down – and bad enough that you let her in to listen to it. The survivors from another crew of Traders have returned with stories of a True Born called the Insomnolent that is being held prisoner by its brethren. Perhaps sparking a civil war by releasing it will buy the galaxy some precious time…

In this mission you’ve been hired by the Galactic Corps to release a True Born prisoner in the hope that it’ll help in the fight against the First Born, or at least distract them. Special Agent Zara also wants you to set up some sensors so that she can learn more about the enemy. If you help her, Zara has promised you a discount on some heavy ordnance in her evidence locker, and Drop Crate support on future missions.

Expansions Needed: None

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