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Mission Monday #01 – Lost in Space

8th April 2019

Mission Monday #01 – Lost in Space

It’s Mission Monday! If you love Core Space there’s no better place to be at the start of the week. This is the first in a ongoing series of brand new narrative missions for Core Space. The starter set already comes with 11 missions, but the universe is huge and the story never stops being told.

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Lost in Space

This week’s free download is a new solo side-mission for your campaigns. If you’re short on supplies between games you can head out into the unknown and see what you can salvage.

On this occasion you’ve come across a derelict ship floating through space and you venture on-board, but find yourself trapped and surrounded by the Purge! With the air running out this mission will be tough going, but if you can secure the wreckage it will be a great source of parts for a long time to come.

Download the mission HERE.

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