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Now open for requests

22nd March 2013

We’ve developed most of of our new line and we’re now open for requests. If there’s anything you’ve always wanted from your sci-fi terrain just tell us here, on our Facebook page or email us direct at info@battlesystems.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s a few more pics to enjoy. All of the figures seen here were supplied by Mantic Games and painted by Rich at Sabre Minatures.


Command consoles, high walls, battle tables, clone chambers. What more could you ask for?


How about reversible clone chambers? One side normal, the other side battle damaged.


Like to run down narrow gantries? Who doesn’t? Like to skulk behind turbines? Only on week days.


How would that big screen look damaged? Turn it over and find out.  Giant telephone not included 🙂


You want crates? Not a problem. Seriously, we have a lot of crates.

Be back in two weeks time for more pics and latest developments.


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And if you’ve forgotten what our DLC content looks like just check out our promo vid. http://youtu.be/7Y-AIO6hTPo


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