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Price Review 2022

31st August 2022

Price Review 2022

Hey everyone!

We’re going to be making a few changes to our prices this year and we’re giving you advance notice so you can stock up!

It’s been around four years since we last changed anything, and in that time there have been some pretty huge increases to the cost of raw materials, shipping, and pretty much everything to be honest! Some of our products are particularly large and/or heavy and have been affected to a greater extent by increased shipping costs. There’s been a lot of volatility over the past year in particular and we took the decision at the time to absorb all those extra costs until things stabilised.

Now that things have settled down we’ve reviewed all our pricing to ensure that it is consistent across our ranges, consistent with similar products from our competitors, and that it properly covers the costs of freight and logistics in each region. By doing this we can be sure that we can carry on getting great games and terrain onto your table for years to come!

Now don’t worry, we’ve not changed everything! We’ve limited any increases as much as possible, and in a lot of cases they only affect certain regions and currencies. We’ve even been able to make some price reductions too!

All price reductions are in effect immediately on our website, and will filter through to other stores as and when they place their next restock order.

All price increases will be applied on October 3rd 2022. Between now and then you can continue to purchase at the current prices, including pre-order items awaiting restock like the Fantasy Village. If you’ve been meaning to expand your collection now’s the time!

We’re also offering a bonus discount for anyone that purchases from our website between now and October 3rd. You can knock an extra £5 off any order over £50 (or equivalent in your currency) by entering the following code at checkout:


Summary of Changes

All price changes listed in GBP where applicable. Prices in other currencies will be amended accordingly unless stated otherwise. Also note that all changes are based on the MSRP – prices charged by other stockists may vary.

  • Large Terrain Core Sets will increase by £5. No change to US or CA pricing.
  • Small Terrain Core Sets remain unchanged.
  • Single-sheet terrain packs will increase by £0.80.
  • Most other terrain packs will increase by £1-2. No change to most US and CA pricing.
  • Neoprene Gaming Mats will increase by £3-4.
  • Terrain Clips and other similarly priced accessories will increase by £1.
  • Core Space Starter Sets will increase by £10. No change to US or CA pricing.
  • Core Space Books will increase by £1-2. No change to US or CA pricing
  • Core Space Dashboards, Shuttles and similarly priced sets have been reduced by approx. $1-2 for US and CA customers.
  • Core Space Bounty Hunters, Purge Reinforcements and similarly priced sets have been reduced by approx. $2-3 for US and CA customers.
  • All other Core Space sets including large expansions and Crews remain unchanged.

As you can see, the most noticeable changes are on the products where the value was widely considered too good to be true anyway! Even before we changed anything, the contents of the Core Space Starter Set was worth over double the price of the box so I’m sure you can agree a little extra is more than justified!

Huge thanks for the continued support of our fans! We’ve got great things on the way, including Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron. To make sure you don’t miss out on the launch be sure to sign up to our email newsletter:

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Until next time, happy gaming!

The Battle Systems Team