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Profit in Danger Mini Campaign

13th March 2023

Profit in Danger Mini Campaign

Profit in Danger is an epic three-act mini campaign designed to let backers of the First Born All-In pledge play with all their shiny new goodies. When we say all-in we mean all-in: not only does it use every expansion for First Born, but it also fully commits your crew to a challenging adventure. The missions are played on a playing area that is twice the size of a normal game and there is no trading phase between missions, so you’d better go in well equipped.

For that reason, we recommend this one for experienced crews that are well-equipped, and that you play this with two crews. With great risks come great rewards though, not least of which is a substantial down payment on a proper ship for your crew.

Download the campaign

You can download the campaign for free here.

What You’ll Need

To play this campaign you’ll need:

  • Core Space First Born Starter Set,
  • The Fury of the Insane God expansion,
  • The Gates of Ry’sa expansion,
  • The Trading Post 5 expansion,
  • The In the Line of Fire expansion,
  • The Ships of Disrepute expansion,
  • Patrol Class Shuttle,
  • First Born Support,
  • Trader Encampment,
  • Additional Catacomb Walls, Entrances, Scatter and Ruins.

What’s Going On?

The First Born have used their arcane technology to set their entire star system moving! Once you’ve saved your own neck, someone has to stop it getting anywhere near the Galactic core and you’re the only teams close enough to help.

These three missions have multiple interlinked objectives, and your success in each one will have implications for the rest of the story, so stay on your toes!

Mission One: Unhappy Landings

In the first act, you’ll not only have to escape the wreckage of your shuttle, but also help to evacuate everyone from Trading Post 5. It’s under First Born attack and the only way out is the last remaining shuttle. Unfortunately, it’s not going to get off the ground without repairs, so you’re going to have to locate the parts needed. There is also a treasure trove of irreplaceable data at Trading Post 5, so grab as much as you can on the way out.

Mission two: Being Brave in a Dangerous Universe

It doesn’t always come naturally, but you’re going to have to play the hero. The First Born system hurtling towards civilised space is a threat big enough to force your hand. In this mission, you’ll need to raid a First Born temple to gather vital intel. The First Born have awoken one of their Insane Gods to stop you, so this is a chance to attempt to wear down its defences before you face it in the next mission.

Mission three: Being Brave in a Dangerous Universe

For the final mission, you’ll need to locate a piece of First Born tech and use it to destroy the First Born base. This will slow down their plans and buy the galaxy some vital time to respond. It won’t be easy though, as the Insane God will need defeating if you’re to complete your mission.

Good luck out there Traders!