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Prototype tweaks

28th June 2013

We’ve made a couple of changes to the prototype that we’d like your opinion on. First: the door. The one you’ve seen is a narrow submarine like door, ideal for claustraphobic setups. However you can’t stand in the doorway, just either side. We’ve made a slightly wider version where your figures can actually stand in the doorway. Q. which do you prefer?


You can casually stand in the new doorway making claustrophobic people nervous…


Or do you prefer the narrower doorways which you stand either side of?

Secondly, we’ve redesigned the railings. The current ones are knocked too easily and may be a nuisance during gameplay. We’ve made a tougher set that are much sturdier. We may also add a back that clips on to give your figures more cover.


New railings: all tough and rugged like Battle Systems at the gym.


The old railings are cool but fall off from even the smallest nuclear explosion.


Spindly railings replaced with kick-bottom railings. Ideal for Block Wars, Dredd fans.

Let us know what you think here, post on our Facebook page or email us. More updates coming soon 🙂


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