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12th October 2015

There’s just under one week left to go of our Urban Apocalypse Kickstarter and we’ve just released a new add-on that was so large it needed it’s own pledge!


Big as the City Block, complete with it’s own game mat 🙂

THE SHANTY TOWN was unveiled exclusively on the Beasts of War Weekender and went down well with the BOW guys and the guys already backing our Kickstarter 🙂


District 9 anyone? “Where are the Prawns?!”

The Shanty Town is ideal for more run down areas or for far futures where civilisation has been reduced to recycling the past.



The rough end of town…





Love this but don’t want the City Block? No worries, you can pledge for the Shanty Town only and you get all the free Stretch Goals 🙂


So big it has a pledge all to itself, it’s like two Kickstarters in one!


So much FREE stuff!

You can have the Shanty Town and City Block as two separate areas in a game or mix and match 🙂


As civilisation falls apart people rebuild with the scraps available…


Where civilization gives up the ghost…

Like what you see but want to unlock more Stretch Goals? Then let everyone know, the more backers we get, the higher the funding the more FREE stuff we can give away and unlock more cool add-ons to buy 🙂

More pics and info over on our Facebook page and the Urban Apocalypse Kickstarter page 🙂



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