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The Apocalypse has begun!

26th September 2015

We’re now one week into our URBAN APOCALYPSE KICKSTARTER and going strong. We actually hit our funding target within the first 23 minutes! The rest of the campaign will be spent unlocking purchasable add-ons, new items and FREE stretch goals.

So far we’ve unlocked one exclusive add-on – an add-on that’s not part of the base set –  the Police Precinct, and we’re very close to unlocking the Fire Station. Both are perfect for expanding the main terrain.


Last stand! Wait until you see the gloopy mess of their eyes!


This jail cell has the last working toilet in this urban hell. Now to find the last remaining toilet roll!


The offices of a busy Precinct. That paperwork still needs to get done!


Who ya gonna call? The Fire Station is ideal for many scenarios and game systems.


Plenty of stuff inside the Fires station, lockers, stairs, gantries, railings… coat rack??

The Urban Terrain is perfect for zombie games such as Zombicide, Across The Dead Earth, Bullets and Brains,  amongst many others and more offbeat games with a modern/urban or near future feel such as Terminator Genisys The Miniatures Game, Alien v Predator, Pulp City, Mars Attacks, Heroclix and the Batman Miniatures Game.

Here’s what you get in the City Block Pledge:


That’s a lot of stuff!

As for free add-ons this is what you get extra (so far, many more to come):


Extras you get with the basic pledge including 5 new items 🙂

There’s more pics and info over on our Facebook page and the Urban Apocalypse Kickstarter page 🙂


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