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The dust settles…

17th January 2014

The blog has been woefully neglected since the Kickstarter campaign so here’s a quick round up of what we’ve been up to in the last six weeks or so. In the mean time we’ve been keeping our backers up to date with our Kickstarter updates and on our Facebook page.


The Kickstarter campaign was a massive success but now starts the hard work (for us). Currently we’re gathering add-on requests using the BackerKit pledge manager where backers can confirm their orders and add more stuff.

Our closing date is February 1st when we’ll stop taking orders and give our manufacturers the go-ahead. That means we have a window of opportunity for late backers – that’s right, if you’ve only just seen our campaign and are keen to get your mitts on our stuff then now’s the time to jump in.

Email us at info@battlesystems.co.uk with details of your preferred email address and full name and we’ll send you an invite to the pledge manager. This is a limited offer so don’t be afraid to step on close friends and relatives to get at it 🙂

White Copies

Meanwhile, we’ve been tasking our manufacturers with more accurate templates. Below are some of the ‘white copies’. We use these to check if our templates are accurate.


Battle Systems’ new Artic line 😉


Available in any colour so long as it’s white 😀 (towel not included)

Infested Walls

Colin has been working hard on the infested walls, an add-on that was a popular request during the KS. We hadn’t actually made any at the time so now that the KS is over here they are.


One of eight different ‘infested’ skins. Gloopy!


Creepy atmosphere. Malodorous!


Is this where the trouble started? Squelchy!


So far everything’s gone to plan and we are even a little ahead of schedule 🙂

Next time…

Bunkers and ‘clean walls’ to come. Meanwhile, don’t forget that you can access our Kickstarter updates and Facebook page even if you’re not signed up to them.


If you want to stay up to date with our latest developments just click here to subscribe to our newsletter or email us at info@battlesystems.co.uk and type ‘news’ into the subject line.