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The Urban Apocalypse is nigh!

6th October 2015

We’re now halfway through our URBAN APOCALYPSE KICKSTARTER with just 12 days to go!

Since the last blog we’ve unlocked two new add-ons, the Fire Station, the Art Deco theme and a ludicrous amount of FREE add-ons.

The Fire Station is proving very popular and features heavily in our Battle Report where we invited some of our backers to test the prototype terrain 🙂


The Fire Station looming large.


Mind those Doors! – What doors? – Forget it.

The Art Deco Theme is actually four add-ons, three smaller ones and a biggie allowing the backers greater freedom and flexibility.


An Art Deco building using less than half of the Grand pack 🙂


The Grand Hotel foyer, a great place for a scrap 🙂

You can build an hotel, a mansion, a library, a not-so-secret headquarters for the CIA. It seems particularly suited for Superhero™ games 🙂


It’s that man again!

We’ve more juicy add-ons lined up and an extra special add-on which we will be unveiling exclusively on the Beasts of War Weekender which airs on the 10th October.

Remember, you get lots of FREE stuff on the Kickstarter and there’s only 12 days left, don’t get caught out on the fence! 🙂


FREE with your pledge 🙂

More pics and info over on our Facebook page and the Urban Apocalypse Kickstarter page 🙂

Webshop re-opened

Shop.battle systems was down for maintenance but is now up and raring to go. Currently the Sci-fi terrain is available but in late October/early November we will also be selling our Fantasy Dungeon terrain 🙂


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