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Core Space – Poseidon and Skylark Crews

18th May 2019

The Core Space universe has something for everyone. The game is highly narrative-driven and therefore it’s important that the players can identify with their chosen characters. Arianna and Sondar are powerful captains but I’m sure some people out there feel like the current crop of traders are all a bit too ‘nice’. You may be looking for a gung-ho action hero, an augmented junkie, or a downright dirty criminal. Well we’ve got you covered.

This week the crews of the Poseidon and Skylark are available to pick up. Each set adds four new characters that can be mixed and matched as you wish to create the perfect Trader crew. You’ll also get a Ship Board, Class Boards, new Event Cards, Equipment Tokens and a Mission Briefing included in the box.

Let’s find out a bit more about the Traders.

Crew of the Poseidon

Led by the reckless Captain Oberon Teelac (brother of Satiene from the Cygnus crew), the crew includes the skilled but unstable Hoskins, the augmentation addict Pi and the dependable Thoman.

2019-05-18 Blog Skylark Poseidon Hoskins

Name: Helene Hoskins; Species: Human; Age: 30.

Born to Trader parents, a childhood accident in Core Space has left Hoskins dimensionally unstable. Part of her physical, living brain is melded into the fabric of Core Space itself. Her condition puzzles neurologists who have concluded that her brain is a direct conduit to Core Space and that she functions because her missing brain is still alive, albeit elsewhere. Over time this conduit has made her increasingly unstable, leaving her delusional and aggressive with a hair trigger temper.

2019-05-18 Blog Skylark Poseidon Pi.jpg

Name: Pi; Species: Human (Augmented); Age: 20.

Pi is a true cyberpunk, young, self-taught, a survivor. Intelligent and resourceful, he has augmented himself using repurposed junk and outdated tech, often writing the source code himself.

Pi mistakenly believed that his ascension to the ranks of the Augmented would alleviate his suffering. However, the rough self-surgery has taken its toll. His implants cause him constant pain, inflamed and interfering with his nervous system, and he desperately needs corrective surgery.

He is still an effective Augment when out in the field, his system flooded with synthetic neuropeptides, the price being a long and uncomfortable comedown.

More art and character bios can be found in the Deluxe Rulebook as well as in the Crew Box. The Poseidon Crew also includes Class Boards such as the powerful Augmented class for Pi, and valuable equipment like the Shock Assault Tonfa and Jump Pack.

Jump Pack Front

Jump Pack – perfect for getting out of tight scrapes in a multi-level game, allowing a trader to jump across a chasm or down from a tall building without a scratch!

Crew of the Skylark

Led by the dastardly Captain Weaver, the crew includes the Machine MAC, new recruit Faye and the augmented Marlowe.

2019-05-18 Blog Skylark Poseidon Weaver.jpg

Name: Jonathan Weaver; Species: Human; Age: 42.

Weaver has his thumbs in many pies in enterprises that are dubious at best. Morally grey, Weaver will fence stolen goods and run arms; in fact, he’ll do anything to make a profit. Whether he enjoys the life of a Trader is unknown as he rarely shares his feelings. What thoughts lie behind those hard eyes are his alone.

2019-05-18 Blog Skylark Poseidon Mac.jpg

Name: MAC; Species: Machine; Age: approx. 150.

MAC is tentatively a member of the crew, on a rolling contract as a mercenary. Originally a semi-autonomous loader machine employed in docking bays MAC has, over its long existence, upgraded its hardware and software, achieving a form of sentience. Machine awareness is contentious depending on which part of the galaxy you’re from, but MAC has been granted provisional rights to earn and keep its own money. MAC uses its money for further upgrades, slowly reaching for an ideal that eludes it.

More art and character bios can be found in the Deluxe Rulebook as well as in the Crew Box. The Skylark Crew also includes Class Boards such as the unique Machine class for MAC not found anywhere else, and valuable equipment like the Augmented Energy Grenade and Titan’s Fist.

Titan's Fist Front

The Titan’s Fist – not only does this melee weapon come with a formidable 3 attack dice, it also provides protection. It’s perfect for a Trader like Arianna who can gain some armour while still getting the benefit of the extra speed in her armour slot.

We’ve filmed a short video to show you what you get in each Crew Box – you can check it out HERE.

New Missions

The Core Space Crew packs are not just about new Traders; no they also expand the narrative and your gameplay with new mission briefings. Each mission is designed to showcase a key event from that crew’s past, but can be played with any crew of your choosing.

2019-05-18 Blog Skylark Poseidon Mission Booklet.jpg

The Poseidon Crew for example comes with a co-operative mission for 2-5 players to highlight Hoskins’ unique affinity with Core Space itself. While the crews are on-board a carrier in Core Space, dormant Purge awaken and start to sabotage the ship. The crews must hold off the Purge long enough for Hoskins to steer them to safety.

The Skylark mission on the other hand mixes things up a bit with a 1 vs. all game for 2-4 players. Weaver is on the hunt for a hacking device that will allow him to manipulate the stock markets and reap the profits, and he’s brought MAC along to help get the device working. The other crews have been seconded by the GCC to work together to apprehend Weaver.

Assistance Cards

If that wasn’t enough, these packs also come with new Assistance cards that are shuffled into the Event Deck. Unlike regular cards that are played immediately and will influence the game’s environment, Assistance cards are kept secret by the player that draws them. They represent training or equipment that will give you a one-off bonus later in the game, and can be the difference between survival and defeat!

2019-05-18 Blog Skylark Poseidon Assistance Cards.jpg

That’s it for now. Until next time, happy gaming!