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Even more more words and pictures

9th May 2013

Our Facebook followers might have noticed that we’ve started using our new acrylic clips, phasing out the card prototypes.  They’re amazing, much better then we could have hoped for, these clips really keep the whole thing together. Errant dogs, children or clumsy spouses bearing cups of tea aren’t shifting these babies. That guy who ‘accidently’ knocks the scenery when the game’s not going his way? He can suck it up 🙂

Here’s a few up to date pics to mull over.


If you can’t see the new clips then they’re doing their job 🙂


I like to lurk behind cover and ambush people. But enough about my weekend.


If you’re not excited by this you must be pushing up daisies. My condolences.


I used to be happy with a single level. Battle Systems has ruined that for me 😛

Meanwhile, we’ve been making new prototypes of the stuff we’re going to offer as stretch goals and specials. We’ll be sneak peeking some of those in the next few weeks.

Here’s a vid showing a fly around animation so you can have a good boggle at the scenery. Nice, eh? Wondering how much it costs, I bet and whether you can blag to your other half how absolutely vital it is to have a set? Good on ya, mate. Battle Systems salutes you.

The figures shown come courtesy of the guys at Mantic Games and are painted by Rich at Sabre Minatures.  Also, thanks to Andy Slater for his tireless work in bringing our little plastic dreams to the masses.


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