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Game Day & Beasts of War Awards

27th October 2017


In a sleepy village hall in deepest Worcestershire we had our second ever Battle Systems Game Day. We invited some of our previous backers to beta test our prototype sci-fi game and a fun time was had by all.


The prototype set up on the day.

The guys got to play a full game, check out the miniatures and artwork and be gently grilled on what they hope to see in the final version.


Playing the game…

Close up, notice the cyberpunk setting…


These are proxy miniatures used just for the prototype.

Here’s some of our actual minis. They’re an awesome 32mm…


Heroes and Villians. 3D renders of some of our minis.

Here’s a 3D printed protoype getting a paint job by Stewart Herbert


From 3D concept to painted mini.

The new Kickstarter is pencilled in for mid November, as always we’ll let you know more as we get closer to the time.


We’ve been nominated for ‘Best terrain product of 2016’ by the subscribers to Beasts of War. Last year we won the award for our Fantasy Dungeon terrain, this time it’s for our Urban Apocalypse. If you enjoyed our Urban terrain please feel free to show your approval by voting for us 🙂


Voting will close at 5pm GMT on Tuesday 31st October.

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