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A new Grim Dark Future is coming

16th November 2023

A new Grim Dark Future is coming

New Gothic Cityscape Terrain Incoming

Our exciting new Gothic Cityscape terrain set will be replacing the Gothic Core set when it lands in January 2024. Stocks of our current Gothic terrain were getting low and, as one of our older kits, it was starting to show its age a little. Instead of reprinting it, we’ve decided to refresh and upgrade it to make it more suitable for the games people are playing now.

The updated set comes complete with refreshed Gothic terrain, the Gothic Ruins* kit, and the Engineering Sector* set all in one box. These modular elements let you create multiple ruined buildings and pieces of industrial equipment in any combination you choose, for a different set-up every time. It’s also compatible with the rest of the Battle Systems terrain range, giving you even more options. This means that it provides the perfect setting for skirmishes set in a grim dark futures, with plenty of cover and vantage points for your Kill Team warbands and Necromunda gangs to fight over.

*The Gothic Ruins, and the Engineering sector sets will continue to be available as separate kits too, making it easy to add more terrain for bigger builds.

Pre-Orders are now open!

Pre-order this fantastic modular new set today to secure your copy and get a FREE Industrial Turbine, plus an extra sheet of Gothic items!

Example of Battle Systems Gothic Cityscape terrain in use
Example of Battle Systems Gothic Cityscape terrain in use

Altogether, the kit comes with 303 pieces, meaning it is already fantastic value even without the beautiful new 22” x 30” (559mm x 762mm) neoprene mat that is included.

Gothic mat
The Gothic Cityscape comes with a colourful new 22″ x 30″ (559mm x 762mm) neoprene mat.

Pre-orders ARe Now Open

Battle Systems Gothic terrain and box

Pre-orders are open now and the new kit is scheduled to arrive in January 2024. By pre-ordering you’ll also get a FREE Industrial Turbine kit, and an extra sheet of Gothic items!

Ideal for games set in the Grim Dark future

The Gothic Cityscape is perfect for skirmish games like Kill Team, Necromunda, Stargrave, and Grimdark Firefight – and Core Space of course! It’s designed to be built into multi-level layouts to create vantage points for games like Kill Team, and also comes with barricades and a board packed with cover for your concealed operatives to move through. It works just as well for ruined cities and hives as it does for the interiors of the hulks of ancient spacecraft.

It’s also a flexible way to create atmospheric terrain for larger wargames like Warhammer 40,000 or Grimdark Future, or for encounters to challenge your players in the Wrath & Glory roleplaying game.

Best of all, it can be rebuilt or dismantled with ease, and then packed away into a small box for storage when you are done.

Example of Battle Systems Gothic Cityscape terrain in use