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Mission #33 Guesses at heaven

20th December 2023

Mission #33 Guesses at heaven

Keats is a big game hunter working in the First Born system. His latest mission has gone wrong and he is broadcasting a distress call calling for extraction from anyone listening. During his increasingly desperate messages, he mentioned that he picked up a First Born object that the aliens seem to be fanatically interested in taking back from him. Fortunately for him, it looks like his desire to stay alive and your need to get hold of that Artifact fragment are aligned.

This mission is designed to be played between missions 9 and 10 of the main First Born campaign as a way to acquire an Artifact fragment if you need one. It can also be played as a standalone mission.

Your goal in this mission is to rescue Keats before the First Born can kill him. If you can save him he’ll give you an Artifact fragment that you can use in the 10th mission of the Core Space First Born campaign. He doesn’t want to come back from the hunt empty handed, so if you can kill a Rock Worm for him he’ll also teach you how to harvest some of the valuable parts.

Expansions Required

None. This is a mission using the Core Space First Born Starter Set.

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