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Line-up of Battle Systems terrain

19th July 2013

Here’s a little infographic to show you the line-up that you can look forward to come Kickstarter day. These are just some of our goodies, we have other stretch goals lined up but you won’t see them unless you unlock them! Remember, these are prototypes and subject to change (the containers and hangar bays are being overhauled as we speak, more on those next blog).

The elevator, battle table, window console and window walls are just some of our stretch goals (illustrated by little padlocks), we’ve blabbed about them already because we’re excitable chaps here at Battle Systems and will often combust when not allowed to reveal our cleverness 🙂 As with the prototypes the stretch goals can be subject to change before the Kickstart.

The Kickstarter will not be early August by the way, sorry guys, we’ve still got a lot to do beforehand. The products themselves are ready but the KS needs writing up, more promotion is needed and (most importantly) we need to finalise the price with our manufacturers. It’s literally flown by for us but we understand that some of you have chewed your fingers down to nubbins. Thanks for your support so far and keep the faith my fingerless friends 🙂


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