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Mission Monday #30 The Journeyman

27th March 2023

Mission Monday #30 The Journeyman

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The Journeyman

A ship has made it to civilised space from a world long lost to the Purge. Not just any world either, but Homusubi Prime, the location of the workshop of the fabled craftsman Matori Hanza. The old master himself is dead, but the survivors from Homusubi have brought news that his apprentice, a mech called Journeyman, has survived and that there is a relatively safe route back to the planet. People will pay handsomely for the skills Journeyman knows. An experienced and courageous crew could make a fortune.

In this mission, your crew will need to find and defeat Journeyman to salvage the irreplaceable skills contained in its memory core. You’ve also heard rumours that one of Matori Hanza’s legendary blades is somewhere in his workshop. It would be a valuable and powerful addition to your armoury if you can acquire it.

Fighting a powerful machine deep in Purge-held space is going to be a high-risk adventure, so we recommend using experienced crews for this mission.

This mission requires the Purge Outbreak expansion to play.

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