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Mission Monday #31 Big Iron

23rd May 2023

Mission Monday #31 Big Iron

Mission Mondays are when we release brand new narrative missions for Core Space to download for free.

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PArt 1: Big Iron

An old colleague has crossed the notorious gang leader Salvor Kartain and they need your help to fix things. They have asked you to meet them at an abandoned refuelling rig called Big Iron, but when you arrive you realise that it was a trap. The place is crawling with Gangers and your friend is now their prisoner. Fortunately, the Gangers have poor discipline and you’ve been able to sneak up on them. Time to mount a rescue mission!

Note: the story is continued in Part 2: Uninvited Guests.

Anarchy in the Galaxy

This mission uses the Anarchy in the Galaxy rules, where Gangers replace the Purge or First Born as the enemies. You can download the Anarchy in the Galaxy rules for free here.

Stealthy Approach

It also uses the Stealthy Approach rules. You can download the Stealthy Approach rules for free here.

This style of play is a fun way to create missions in which your Traders have the element of surprise on their side. This means that your enemies begin the game unaware of you and are just patrolling until you alert them. This adds interesting choices to your game, such as deciding whether it’s better to risk getting in close to take out an enemy silently, or to go loud and risk alerting nearby foes.

The Stealthy Approach rules first appeared in an old Mission Monday mission, but we’ve refined them so you can now use them in your games where you face any adversary type.

Expansions Required

Shootout at Zed’s and Trading Post 5.

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