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Modular Mordheim Terrain

28th March 2024

Modular Mordheim Terrain

Despite being released way back in 1999, and official support ending in 2004, Mordheim continues to have a strong following over two decades later. Warbands still clash regularly in the city’s comet-wrecked streets, risking its dangers for precious wyrdstone. This evocative urban setting is part of the appeal of the game, and means that terrain has always been an important part of the experience.

Terrain in Mordheim is also an essential part of the gameplay, which is designed with narrow streets, obstacles, and different elevations in mind. This adds to the sense of immersion and adds layers of tactical fun to your skirmishes, but a board packed with terrain also means lots of terrain to store. For those of us in the wargaming hobby, shelf space is often at a premium and storage can be a challenge. So, is it possible to have densely packed, exciting, multilevel Mordheim boards that don’t have a large footprint on your shelf? We’ve built this board using our fantasy terrain kits to show that you can have the best of both worlds – a tightly packed modular ruined city that takes up a minimal amount of storage space when you are done.

Of course, all of this terrain is also perfect for other games like Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Frostgrave and many more, so it’s unlikely to be sitting on your shelf for long.

A warband defends multilevel Mordheim terrain including a ruined house, a chapel stands in the background.
Members of a warband are defending a ruined Mordheim house built using the Village Ruins kit, the fantasy Chapel stands in the background.
A frrelance knight and members of his warband hold a choke point in Mordheim terrain
This important chokepoint in Mordheim has been created using the town house and well from the Fantasy Village set, with double sided Roads and Rivers and a Bridge. A ruined house from the Village Ruins kits creates a multi-level vantage point to keep a lookout from.
A witch hunter defends a bridge in Mordehim created using Battle Systems terrain
Mordheim terrain with river defended by a witch hunter and a freelance knight
This lake from the Fantasy Village kit creates a natural defensive barrier to fight over. The roads, rivers, lakes and bridge – and individual buildings – can also be purchased separately if you want to add more to your builds.
A witch hunter directs other members of his warband to cross a bridge.
This witch hunter on the outskirts of Mordheim is charging across a raised walkway included in the Lake House kit shown behind him.

Terrain used to create a Mordheim battlefield

Village Ruins

Fantasy Village