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The Crew of the Eidolon

21st October 2020

The Crew of the Eidolon

The Core Space First Born Kickstarter is fast approaching – it’s just a week away! To make sure you don’t miss out on any news you can sign up to our mailing list HERE.

While you’re waiting, we’re going to take a look at the protagonists of the story – the characters whose parts you’ll be playing as you battle through the new narrative campaign – the crew of the Eidolon.

The Eidolon

Even by Core Space standards the Eidolon is an old ship, designed when space travel was still novel. It has graceful Art Nouveau lines and was only later retrofitted for Core Space travel. It has been well maintained by its various owners. It is currently leased to Captain Cassie Peltier who treats it with the love and due diligence this beautiful ship deserves.

: Cassiopeia Peltier
Species: Human
Age: 32
Cassie has an ex-military background serving in the militia of her home world. After a short stint as a mercenary she stumbled across the Trader’s life and hasn’t looked back since. She served as support for a number of different Trader ships before leasing her own ship and assembling her own crew. Her combat suit is a remnant from her military service and gives her enhanced strength and speed and is equipped with shoulder mounted cannons. She is a fair and equitable captain and doesn’t believe in taking unnecessary risks.

Armed with a ‘Quell’s Fury’ chemical pistol and two shoulder-mounted line rifles, Cassie is more than able to multi-task when it comes to taking down enemies, and leads her crew by example.

Name: Wade Gentry
Species: Human
Age: 36
Wade is in it purely for the money. Although he looks gung-ho he just sees Trading as a job, nothing more. He would much rather work in a less dangerous environment but he’s good at what he does and job opportunities are thin for a man with his poor education. He’s good at improvising weapons but he’s more of a tinkerer and hasn’t quite got the skills to be a Technician. He has no ambition to be a ship’s captain and is content to just punch a clock and let someone else make the hard decisions. Wade met Cassie when they were working as mercenaries and both agreed they didn’t think much of the job and quit.

Wade’s powerful combat pose and triple-barrelled breach rifle make for an awesome mini. Although is that a scream of intimidation, anger, fear or all three?

Name: Balcor
Species: Nerind’ar
Age: 60
Balcor is a skilled engineer, the role he signed on for, but increasingly suspects he was chosen for his size rather than his skills with a spanner. He is considerably taller and stronger than a Human and outweighs nearly any creature he encounters. His ranged skills are average but he makes up for it in close combat and will often fight unarmed. He has a prosthetic arm, the result of an engineering accident, that he has modified to suit his purpose. His one regret is that he didn’t get the other one done at the same time!

Balcor is by nature quite timid and would rather strip and rebuild an engine than go stalking around a derelict ship. However, he is a good fighter when his crewmates are in danger, which is pretty much all the time.

Standing at 8’2″ Balcor towers over the crew, and even over the First Born (until he meets a Guardian of course…). He packs a powerful punch.

Name: HoP-PA99
Species: Machine (Human origin)
Age: 12
Originally designed as a host protocol machine for the more affluent parts of the Galactic Heartlands Hopper was stolen and reprogrammed by an enterprising Trader. Modified and filled to the brim with useful (and some not so useful) protocols Hopper now functions as ship Tactician, devising strategies to the crew’s advantage. Not particularly strong in combat skills Hopper makes up for it with hacking, negotiation and intelligence skills. What Hopper doesn’t know about Machine systems is immaterial – because it knows everything about Machine systems. Hopper is also an excellent ego-free negotiator and has talked its crew out of some sticky situations.

Hopper’s mini is not really equipped for combat, but then again there’s far more to Core Space than combat!

These four miniatures will be included in the Core Space First Born boxed game when the KS goes live, and will come complete with character boards, class boards, and some signature equipment tokens. They can of course be mixed and matched with all other available crews, Traders and equipment.

Until next week, happy gaming!